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Playlist… 18-2014


Diablo on Windows Finished the expansion this week and instantly got bored of it. Realized once again that I was playing it to see what happens at the end.   Warface on Windows and XBOX 360 Work, work, work. Testing the updates on both builds.   Child of Light on Playstation 4 I like Japanese RPGs. When I finished Farcry 3, I promised myself I’ll play whatever Jeffrey Yohalem...

Games That Aren’t Games


What Gone Home learned from To The Moon, or why we do not play games out of chronological order, no matter how apropos it is to the subject matter of said games. So I played To The Moon. I did not cry. I did smile broadly once or twice, and it gave me goosebumps, so it did, but that was it. I was too annoyed by the game to fully buy into it and when the beautiful inversions and reveals happened...

This Ain’t No Farm


Zynga’s latest game, Cityville seems to be the fastest growing title on Facebook. In half a month over 20 million users started playing it. This latest evolution of the series is a city builder combining the best aspects of all Zynga titles. Cityville is a micro transaction based free browser game. We’ll post a review soon. Until then, if you want to try the game, you can do so here...

New Games Announced At VGA


A bunch of stuff happened at the VGA awards. For starters Red Dead Redemption got the Game of the Year award. Congratulations Rockstar Games. Besides that, as usual, a number of new projects were announced. Here are our top 3 new announcements and the trailers that go with them. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim The fifth Elder Scrolls game from Bethesda Game Studios will surprisingly be a true sequel to...

Doesn’t “Disgaea 4” Mean Anything To You?


Let me see… You like strategy games, RPGs and/or turn based tactical combat games. Yet the word “Disgaea” means nothing to you? I pity you… All the others, who like these genres, inexplicably possess a PS3 and can endure the offensively cute Japanese style of these games should know that Disgaea 4 will be released this February in Japan. People who use Latin letters will...

Nostalgia Zone: “It Came From The Desert”


Back then games came in diskettes. Better games came in several diskettes. When the game was done with Disk 1 it would instruct you to insert Disk 2. Cinemaware titles though never did that. A Cinemaware title would instruct you to insert REEL 2, instead of Disk 2. This is but one of the many small details distinguishing Cinemaware games from others. The reason is very simple. Back when everybody...

Are You Ready To Die Tonight?


While browsers games are evolving towards more graphics intensive, cute, “social” games like Farmville; there are still a few hardcore oriented game developers who keep on saying “Graphics don’t mean nothing, game play is everything!” Keeping in mind that this mentality also unleashed the horror of the Nintendo Wii upon our unsuspecting society, I urge you to...

A Divine Wind Is Blowing


Europa Universalis III is a game we love to hate. We hate its guts and we still cannot prevent ourselves from returning to it. In the past 3 years of its existence it devoured more hours of mine than Civilization or Total War could ever hope for. And now Paradox Entertainment is about to release a new expansion for this amazing grand strategy game. It is a called Divine Wind and it brings about a...

“Dead Nation” Is Almost Here


It is not unknown that one of the most awesome games on PS3 is Housemarque’s PS3 remake of Super Stardust. Geometry Wars may have ignited our passion for dual stick shooters again, but Super Stardust was on another level entirely. The same guys are now trying to do the same thing again, but this time with zombies… And online co-op multiplayer… And with rpg elements… What...


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