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December 2010 – Page 2 – PRESS FIRE TO START

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Amarok 2.4 Beta Released


Our favorite music playing application is not iTunes. It’s Amarok. And as the first beta version of 2.4 shows, Amarok development is going on at a breakneck pace. Besides some interface tweaks Amarok now has a mass tagging UI, a new applet for guitar tab and bass tab information and a calendar applet for upcoming events. It’s also now completely compatible with post iPod Touch 3G iOS...

One More Step Towards Nexus 5


Google announced they’ll soon be releasing Nexus S, the successor of their disappointing Nexus One. The phone will be available on December 16th, 2010. Instead of working with HTC, this time Google worked with Samsung, creators of the highly successful Galaxy S. Nexus S comes with a 4-inch AMOLED screen, a 5 MP digital camera with and LED flash, another camera on the front of video calls...

Doesn’t “Disgaea 4” Mean Anything To You?


Let me see… You like strategy games, RPGs and/or turn based tactical combat games. Yet the word “Disgaea” means nothing to you? I pity you… All the others, who like these genres, inexplicably possess a PS3 and can endure the offensively cute Japanese style of these games should know that Disgaea 4 will be released this February in Japan. People who use Latin letters will...

Nostalgia Zone: “It Came From The Desert”


Back then games came in diskettes. Better games came in several diskettes. When the game was done with Disk 1 it would instruct you to insert Disk 2. Cinemaware titles though never did that. A Cinemaware title would instruct you to insert REEL 2, instead of Disk 2. This is but one of the many small details distinguishing Cinemaware games from others. The reason is very simple. Back when everybody...

Are You Ready To Die Tonight?


While browsers games are evolving towards more graphics intensive, cute, “social” games like Farmville; there are still a few hardcore oriented game developers who keep on saying “Graphics don’t mean nothing, game play is everything!” Keeping in mind that this mentality also unleashed the horror of the Nintendo Wii upon our unsuspecting society, I urge you to...

Story Review: inFamous


WARNING: This review is only concerned with the story of the game. Even though the story is an important part of a game, by no means is it the defining component. A game with a horrible story may very well be one of the best games ever produced. It’s just that my reviews are not about that. SPOILER WARNING: The following text may contain spoilers for the people who have not finished the...


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