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A lot of people may write for PRESS FIRE TO START. These people are either professionally doing something about topics we like or they are lazy people who do not do anything but are very clever. Here is a list of them, in case you are interested.
Fasih Sayin

… was raised by hackers. His childhood was spent in service of software pirates, therefore he got to play an awful lot of games. He took a lot of weird jobs when he was young.

Besides being a game designer and a structural narratologist, Fasih Sayin is also a lawyer specializing in criminology and forensics, an award-winning author of short stories and poems, and the vocalist of a local heavy metal band. But his career in law and video games started as a criminal, for he was raised by software pirates in the heartland of Turkey. He’s now on a quest for redemption, trying to buy every single game he once played without paying. He’s been working freelance for a number of board game and video game companies as a game design consultant. He joined Crytek formally in 2012 as a game designer and has worked on several titles. Sayin is a Turkish guy who graduated from what’s technically a catholic high school, followed by the Marmara University Faculty of Law. He then studied cinema at Plato Academy of Cinema, finished his M.A. thesis on interactive narrative structures and his Ph.D. thesis on the role of the audience in interactive narratives. He used to and still occasionally teaches advanced narratology, at several universities in Turkey.

Currently he’s a lawyer registered to the Istanbul Bar of Lawyers. Besides a Bachelor’s Degree in Law, he also holds a Master’s Degree and a PhD in Cinema.  He’s continuously making research about storytelling.

For a long time he earned his living by being a game design consultant. Most of the time that means he tells people how to do their jobs. He specializes in interactive storytelling, basic game mechanics and game design. He also oversees localization projects occasionally does market analysis.

Fasih is generally platform agnostic when it comes to games and swings between consoles and computers depending on his mood.

He thinks red is the best color in the world and Amiga 500 was the best machine invented by mankind.

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Daniel works at Riot Games.

Fasih works at Crytek.

They have opinions. Their opinions are theirs only and are not necessarily shared by their companies.


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