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I’m busy preparing for my thesis preview these days. So there may not be meaningful updates for a while. Until then this should make you realize why BBC rules (occasionally)

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Welcome To The Future of Guitar


According to Misa Digital Instruments, their soon to be released Kitara is running Linux. Yes we are talking of a guitar running an operating system inside. You didn’t see this one coming Les Paul, did you now? Inside a body of high-density injection-molded ABS polymer, Kitara contains an onboard digital synthesizer, MIDI controls and an eight inch multi-touch screen. It is the future of...

Opera 11 released


Opera, also known as “the other web-browser” was updated to version 11 today. It’s a sad story. Opera is almost always at the bleeding edge of innovation and technology but still it’s the least popular of the five big browsers despite the fact that it is available on almost every operating system known to humans. Once again Opera 11 brings a lot of improvements. It is also...

Story Review: “Batman: Arkham Asylum”


WARNING: This review is only concerned with the story of the game. Even though the story is an important part of a game, by no means is it the defining component. A game with a horrible story may very well be one of the best games ever produced. It’s just that my reviews are not about that. SPOILER WARNING: The following text may contain spoilers for the people who have not finished the game in...

Your Own Model Of Mac?


Do you like Mac OS X, but dislike Apple generally? Or perhaps there is a piece of software you want to use but it’s only available on Mac OS X. Isn’t a Mac too expensive? Can’t you make your own Mac if you want? Fear not, dear reader. Lifehacker can teach you how to build your own Hackintosh. For detailed instuctions in text, go here. If you are too lazy to read you can always...

This Ain’t No Farm


Zynga’s latest game, Cityville seems to be the fastest growing title on Facebook. In half a month over 20 million users started playing it. This latest evolution of the series is a city builder combining the best aspects of all Zynga titles. Cityville is a micro transaction based free browser game. We’ll post a review soon. Until then, if you want to try the game, you can do so here...

New Games Announced At VGA


A bunch of stuff happened at the VGA awards. For starters Red Dead Redemption got the Game of the Year award. Congratulations Rockstar Games. Besides that, as usual, a number of new projects were announced. Here are our top 3 new announcements and the trailers that go with them. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim The fifth Elder Scrolls game from Bethesda Game Studios will surprisingly be a true sequel to...

Goodbye VGA


People have been using VGA since 1987. It’s been almost a quarter century since it’s been introduced. This might sound like a long time to you but by the standards of computer technology development it’s equal to millenia. It might be time to say goodbye to this old friend now. A group of very important manufacturers recently announced they will be phasing out VGA completely...

Clash of the Titans: “Cellphones 2010”


Now that Google has announced the specs of the ill-fated Nexus One’s successor the smartphone market has four top tier devices again. In this edition of “Clash of the Titans” we quickly compare Apple iPhone 4, Google Nexus S, HTC Desire HD and Samsung Galaxy S. Let the games begin… The Brand: Obviously Apple is the king here. It’s fascinating how Mr. Jobs turned...


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